Extreme Hardship Guidance

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently issued policy guidance that clarifies how the agency determines “extreme hardship” waivers. “Extreme hardship” is a legal term for the burden of proof an applicant must meet in order to qualify for certin immigration-related waivers. These waivers are applied for by persons seeking to overcome grounds of inadmissibility […]

Client Advisory: USCIS Fee Increases

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently announced that it will be adjusting the fees required for most immigration applications and petitions. The following chart lists some of the most common applications and petitions and the new fees associated with them. The new fees are effective December 23, 2016. Applications and petitions postmarked or […]

U Visa Review on the Eve of Fiscal Year 2017

October 1, 2016 marks the first day of fiscal year 2017, the day Congress allocates its annual 10,000 visa slots for eligible victims of qualifying crimes. Maybe you filed a U petition (Form I-918) and are now wondering when you will receive your Employment Authorization Document (EAD) incident to U nonimmigrant status. You are anxious […]

Quick Tip: Visa Versus Status

A visa and status are not the same. Many foreign nationals confuse the two believing that the visa document initially confers them status and that their status expires at the same time as their visa. A foreign national’s confusion about status can lead to her overstaying her period of authorized stay in the United States, […]

2019 Is Just Around the Corner

In the immigration world, time moves at different speeds. Sometimes clients wait decades to see movement on their cases, especially when trying to bring a brother or sister to the United States. On other occasions, clients can bring over a fiance/fiancee in a matter of months. It’s admittedly confusing and unpredictable. Recently non-detained immigrants with […]

Client Advisory: Visa Revocation

As of November 5, 2015, the Department of State Visa Office requires consular officers to prudentially revoke the nonimmigrant visas of visa-holders with a DUI arrest or conviction that has occurred within the past five (5) years. What is prudential revocation? Prudential revocation occurs when, after visa issuance, information surfaced that has called into question […]

Quick Tip: What Is My Filing Date?

Sometimes immigration-related petitions and applications need to be filed again after a certain time period in order for the benefit to be renewed or extended. And sometimes the renewal application requests the date of filing of the intial application. Even if the renewal application does not request this information, you may still want to know […]

Why Naturalize? To Protect Family Members

If a relative comes to visit you in the United States and enters the country without a valid visa and without inspection at a port of entry, they are unlawfully present in the country and, therefore, considered “inadmissible” to the United States. Because a relative’s very presence in the United States violates U.S. immigration law, […]