“Before hiring an attorney to take care of my business, I was concerned about the cost. I think Boxwala Zuzindlak’s prices are fair. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the attorney handled all of my concerns. I was nervous dealing with the U.S. government. I do not think I could have done any of the work myself. I am happy with her hard work and the speed at which she achieved results from the government. Ms. Boxwala has a very friendly attitude, and I would recommend her to all of my family and friends who are in need of immigration services.”

Cecil, Fiancee Visa Approved/Wife's Green Card Approved

“[Although my husband had a past criminal record,] everything went well. Thank you a lot for your help. We cannot thank you enough!”

Cynthia, Husband's N-400 Approved

“If you need a lawyer or have an immigration problem, it’s important to look for the right one, and the best one. Ms. Boxwala is one of the best lawyers in this country. She did outstanding work concerning my case. I was in an immigration mess for more than 5 years, and every lawyer I saw told me they could not fix my issue. Some of the lawyers told me that I would never be able to stay in this country. I also had a lawyer who took my case and charged me, but never did the work right. I was desperate when I met Ms. Boxwala for the first time. I called her and her assistant gave me an appointment right away. Once I met her, she really impressed me. She listened to my story for more than 30 minutes. My problem was really complex and delicate. However, she reassured me and told me she would analyze the issues in my case, strategize avenues to overcome the challenges, and set a timeline to get my case approved. I felt secure and told myself maybe there is hope for me yet. She is the one you need: a lawyer who likes her work and who is ready to invest herself in your case. She is a phenomenal, excellent lawyer who will fight for you and will stand up for you. She is also reasonable concerning legal fees. Today I am really thankful for what she did for me. She saved my life. I am a permanent resident today because of her. I can never thank her enough. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs an immigration attorney.”

Amina, I-130 Approved Amid Marriage Fraud Allegations

“I was referred to Zainab Boxwala for my R-1 visa application [for Religious Worker status] by an Elder in my church. She is truly a great lawyer, very professional, and does everything in a timely manner, which is key when you are dealing with immigration. She does go the extra mile to get the job done which speaks volumes of her personality and care for her clients. Today, not only have I been APPROVED for my R-1 but I also have a friend and a great lawyer. I strongly recommend Zainab Boxwala to anyone who has immigration issues, is transitioning from one status to another, or is being employed and needs a work visa or work-related status in the U.S.”

Nicole, R-1 Visa Approved